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Wheels and Tyre choice.

May 2011

Here is an online tyre size calculater

 The tyre sizes currently on the Moose are becoming expensive and we've replaced the front 265 50/14 with 245 50/14 as the bigger size is no longer made. Still looks ok and is a bit lighter for steering.

The rear Hankook 295 50/15 (11inch rims) are still around but about a year ago the decision was been made to eventually shelve the 9inch and 11inch wide Arrow rims and import another style from the USA.

When the guards were being 'repaired' about 2007 they were reshaped to match those tyre sizes as the thought that the 265s might go out of production didn't occur!  So now 18inch rims with the closest overall sizes to match the guards are to be fitted. It's taken 12 months to research and make the decision to pay about $3000NZ for a suitable set of rims.


December 2011. The new wheels were made in the USA and were imported about 3 months ago.

KWC 007 styles with polished rim and black centres 18inch x 9inch front and 18inch x 10inch rear. Rears will need spacer/adaptors.

The tyres have now been fitted. 255/35-18  Chinese Wanllis ($175 each) on the front and 295/35-18 nitto from Japan rear ($360 each).-- Should be an interesting combo--The sizes are probably slightly large for the guards but the ride height can be altered slightly height to suit.

The Nittos are square shoulder and are wider than the BF 15s which means the spacer/adaptors will probably need to be approx 20mm thick.

2014: The new mags are still in the box but hopefully we will sort out the VT disc brakes conversion soon.......