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Lining the rear gull wing door

 More information to be posted later, we're starting with the door linings.

 Oct 2010

Finally the rear door has been fully lined and is the only totally completed part of the interior.

It started as the standard LH&RH Bedford opening doors which were welded together to form a gullwing on gas struts with 10mm acrylic opening window / emergency exit, recessed spare wheel well and concealed electric openers.


 The wheel well and surrounding panels ready to be lined. The door perimeter has been carpeted already.








The wheel well carpet cut and shaped. It's a cheap grey felt which stretches. The up-raised lip was stretched into shape and fits the wheel well perfectly as in the pic below.







The carpet contact glued in position.









One side of the 50mm foam cut to shape and the center piece.

A simple panel could have been used to cover this part of the door instead of all this shaping but that would have hidden the inside construction of the wheel well which attracts interest from other vanners.




 Foam being covered with navy fabric. The fabric is partly glued. When the foam is fitted in the door the fabric is just stuffed and tucked in. It all holds firmly.



 Supposedly a Navy Blue colour.





 One foam panel is holding firmly in position while the other is being tucked in. It worked surprisingly well and looks plush. A one man job!





Bedford CF gull wing rear door

The door complete with carpet and foam rubber fabric all holding it self neatly in position.

A photo of the side door to compare the lining application.

The driver passenger doors also have a consistant lining style.

 The yellow patch in the middle is the wing nut that holds the spare wheel in position