customizing your vehicle

How to build a custom van.

Rear window

The rear window is perspex ( acrylic). We had some 10mm thick panels left over from a corporate job we did.

The opening window would make a handy emergency exit.......It has a secure slightly ajar position and an open position as seen here. Oh, it can also be closed tight!







The rear window can be ajar when the door is  up and still be rainproof. The rectangular shapes either side of the opening are LED emergency flashing lights. The moose attends the occasional breakdown and road accident in this area.


The roof has been modified to allow the sunroof to sit flush with room for water channels around the outside.


I have read a magazine article which recommended cutting an opening then simply sitting the sunroof in and using great gobs of sealant to deal with the gaps left by the roof ridges.  Not for me.



a strip of weather proof foam is all that is needed to keep it water tight.

Later I used a smear of windscreen sealant . Unfortunately I allowed it to cure then removed the excess-- along with strips of paint.!

 Motto, do not use windscreen sealant unless it is the soft stuff that never cures.


  It fits neatly between the roof ridges. Not by good design.

It was a coincidence that this sunroof fitted so well. It was the first one I saw.!


 A pair of modified vise grips made a step around the edge of the opening for the sunroof to sit on.

Very simple tool but worked well.


We were considering electric mirrors from a late model car. They would need to be blended into the side window corner which wouldn't look out of place. I've seen it done on other bedfords but for the time being the truck type mirrors work well for the Moose.


Most of the support tubing that comes as standard with this type of mirror has been modified to make it look neater


The top tube has been cut down and a thread inserted and is held by a bolt from the inside of the door frame.

The bottom is supported by a stainless plate fastened by 6 mm screws to the door.



door details

 The door has been shortened and a running board added. the running board is all welded 1.6 sheet with a tube forming the rolled edge.  Note the stainless tread strips to protect the paint and provide grip. No other support under the running board is needed, It's strong enough.
















Yes., the door handles are custom made. Too much work, there is nothing wrong with the factory Bedford handles, Leave them alone!

Side door

More of the same at the rear guard. The exhaust is suspended under the running board, and makes a nice deep rumble, more on that later


 door has not been shut properly . The rear guard loves hitting stones out of the way!









No handle this time. I'm a glutton for punishment.. What can I say, I was young at the time and had to have what I saw in the custom magazines.

lesson: Leave the bedford handles where they are. They work and look ok.