customizing your vehicle

How to build a custom van.

How ( and how not) to build a Custom Bedford CF

 Some time in the future this website will try to show the history of modifications to this van, Moose, hopefully guiding some poor soul through the pitfalls of hotting up a vehicle.

 The logo pic on the left shows our Lada 4WD when it was an AA recovery vehicle.

The white paint band is to be used for some form of artwork and sign writing, most likely in vinyl. PS visit out other website.

As the title says "How to and how not to" . Some of the mods done here are are clever but some of the final results have been spoiled by some very silly mistakes. More on that later!

 Would I ever customize again? You bet! ( There's a whole story there)


Anyway here's the result so far. Looking good. I will post more pics ( thank god for digital cameras) in the future of the start to finish project spanning a number of years. ( quite a number)

 Details page: sunroof .


 The terrible trio. History page




Moose, 1981 Bedford CF steel modifications,Ford V6 3L motor, 5 speed Toyota man tran etc


 Lexus V8 is in the workshop ready to be fitted, sometime in the future when i get time...

Power steering unit has been delivered from McQuoid Engineering.

New 18inch mags with holden stud pattern made in the USA.

Holden VT front disc brakes and Falcon rear discs as well using modified CF hubs.  DIY to  be posted here and onwww.

Possibly consider Ford Falcon centred diff .



Rear Pan

Construction details will be posted later. Just a pic of the finished product for now

 Check the menue for more details